Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Livebinders Feature

If you are looking to get your class involved with Livebinders, it's now easier than ever.
Livebinders recently announced a new feature that allows students under the age of 13 to now sign up for a Livebinders account with their teacher's email address.

This new feature now opens the door for all students, regardless of age, to have a Livebinders account.  Of course, please refer to the Livebinders "Privacy Policy" prior to walking your students through the registration process.

How to have students sign up for a Livebinders account:

Here's a quick rundown of how to direct students to sign up on

Have students go to  Then have them click on "sign up":

Once they get to the sign up page, have them click on "yes" where it says "student signing up with teacher's email address":

Once they click on "yes", they will get two different boxes - "Teacher's Email Address" and "Please Retype Teacher's Email Address".  At this point, they can enter the teacher's email address instead of their own.  You'll want to do this if you have any students under the age of 13:


I can not speak the praises of Livebinders highly enough.  When I first started to become involved in Educational Technology, Livebinders is where I started.  The whole point of Educational Technology is to get students more engaged in the learning process...Livebinders is a perfect start to allow your students to build, grow and engage as they learn in your classroom.  

Learn more about Livebinders at or feel free to look through the multiple posts I have on this blog about Livebinders.