Monday, February 25, 2013

Explaining with Skitch

 As some of you may be aware, the Texas Panhandle is covered in snow today!  I've decided to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about Skitch, a awesome tool from Evernote.
What is Skitch?
Skitch, initially a web tool on it's own but later bought by Evernote, is a image markup tool that makes explaining images much easier.  It is available on Mac, PC, Android, and IOS.  You can markup images with text, arrows, highlights, and different shapes.
Here's a snap shot of what tools are available from Skitch:

Explaining simplified
As I mentioned previously, the Texas Panhandle has been hit with a huge snow storm today.  With Skitch, instead of just saying what the snow is like, I can show you!  
By simply adding the overlay of text and arrows, the image is already explained.  This also to engages students more than just listening to you explain it.  When the student sees the image and notice the text and arrows, they are already processing what they are looking at and what "snow drifts" are.

Skitch mobile

If you have a mind of a teacher, you'll get a lot of ideas while you are out and about and want get a snapshot of whatever you find.  Skitch, available on Android and IOS, allows you to capture pictures via your smartphone and markup the image right there.  Plus, once you are done with the markup, you can share right from your smartphone to Twitter, Google +, email or several different other options.  Here's a good video from about the Skitch app for Android (there are several other Youtube videos over Evernote and Skitch available at

Evernote and Skitch

Best of all, any image that you markup or capture will automatically be saved into your Evernote account.  Once you have saved the image, your image will be uploaded to your Evernote account where you can do editing with Skitch on your PC or Mac and share when you are ready.  Once it's in your Evernote account, you'll have it until you delete it.  

Want more info on Skitch?  Here's some more resources from myself and Evernote:


If you are curious, here's a another photo I took of the snow at my place.  I stand 6'6 and the snow drift was up to my knees: