Digital Classroom Resources

Here is a list of online tools for you and your classroom:


Kidblog - safe blogging environment for elementary and middle school students.

Edublogs - popular blogging service for teachers where you can also manage student's blogs.

Teacher/Student Creation Tools:

Questgarden - easily create webquests over any topic

Zooburst - create digital pop-up books

Organization tools:

Evernote - take notes, web clippings, upload documents and stay organized

Livebinders - your digital 3-ring binder

Box - cloud-storage tool, 5 GB free

Dropbox - cloud based storage, 2 GB free

Sugarsync - sync all of your files from your computer into the cloud and other devices.

Studying tools:

Study Blue - what I like to call "21st century studying". Create flashcards with audio and pictures

Easy Notecards - create free online flashcards and share via link or embed on your classroom website.

Multi-tool websites:

Engrade - create online grade books, wikis, quizzes, all from one website.

Schoology - create lessons and engage students in a "social networking" interface

Communication tools:

Class Parrot - safe way of texting students and parents

Lino - create a sticky-note canvas and share on your class website

Google Voice - give a phone number where you can be reached at or set-up a "homework hotline".

Casa NotesQuickly make and customize notes to send home to parents or students


Livescribe smart pen - Record audio and notes right into your smart pen and create "pencasts".

Doxie Scanner - Scan students paper work and keep a electronic copy of it into Evernote

Lexmark Printers - With certain Lexmark printers, you can have student's scan their work directly into their Evernote account.


Teachervision - TONS of printables and other resources

Teachertube - Youtube like videos but in a education environment

Classroom Management:

Classroom Architect:  Create your classroom floor plan