Thursday, February 20, 2014

Livebinders for the Social Studies - Part 3

Livebinders for the Social Studies - Part 3:  Collecting and organizing lesson plan resources 

Now that you have had a chance to see some excellent Social Studies Livebinders and see how they are used, let's move on to the third Livebinders for the Social Studies post - collecting and organizing lesson plan resources.  I have also created a new Livebinder, Livebinders for the Social Studies, to show examples and work along side everyone as we go start going more in-depth into Livebinders:

Getting Organized

Livebinders provides a central location for all of your resources that you may have.  Regardless if you use Evernote, Dropbox, Google Docs or Microsoft programs such as Word or Excel, you can store those resources all in one Livebinder for quick and easy organization.  If you would like to add documents, pictures, etc to your binder, go to the "view" menu and click on "edit".  From there, click on "Add Content" and choose the type of content you would like to add.      

Livebinders also has a easy way to add documents from your Dropbox account and your Evernote account. 

To add files from your Dropbox account, simply click on "Add Content" then click on "My Dropbox".   

For material from your Evernote account, you can add the link via the Livebinders app or get the URL to the note or notebook and insert it into the tab or subtab of your choice.  Click here to read the recent blog post from the Livebinders blog about the Evernote addition to the Ipad App.  

Collecting Digital Resources

As educators, we run across multiple resources while searching the web.  Thanks to Livebinders, you can collect, save and share all of those resources.  To get started collecting your digital resources, the first thing you'll want to do is install the "Livebinder It" bookmarklet tool, click here to go to that page at  
 Once you have installed the bookmarklet tool and found a website you would like to add to your binder, simply click on "Livebinder It" and a new window will pop-up allowing you to select which binder to add it to:

Need to see some of this in action?  Please feel free to visit the Livebinder at the beginning of this post, Livebinders for the Social Studies.  I will be working on it going forward with the next posts so stay tuned! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Excellent Windows Apps to Learn Code

The Windows Store provides excellent apps for writing and learning coding.  If you have a Windows PC or tablet (such as the Microsoft Surface) that runs Windows 8.1, you can get some really good apps to further develop your coding skills.  Here are 5 great coding apps in the Windows Store to get you started:

Code Writer is a great coding app that lets you create documents for HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.  Once you create that new document, you can save it in SkyDrive.  According to the Windows store, "Over 20 syntax-highlighted file types supported including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, C#, VB, C++, ASP, PHP, Markdown, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL, and many other common languages".  (  

HTML Programs is a Windows app that gives you a visual of how certain things should look in HTML code. It starts by showing you some of the basics in HTML and then goes into more advanced coding such as lists, forms and tables.  There is already sample code in the app so this would work great if you just need to quickly have a reference of certain areas in HTML.  

HTML Master is a well-done Windows coding app.  This app provides literature over the basics of HTML, exercises to get hands-on with HTML and quizzes to test what you have learned.  If you are just starting your coding journey, you should definitely download this app and give it a try.

HTML School is a excellent app to get started with coding in HTML.  Providing literature on the basics of
HTML and also a coding editor, it is a solid app that will guide you to learning code quickly and efficiently.

HTML Playground is a app that lets you code with HTML, CSS and Javascript.  If you basically need a "playground" where you can input code and immediately see how it looks all within the same app, this app has you covered.  This app is great if you have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript and want to get your hands on doing the coding.