Tuesday, July 28, 2015

FlipQuiz - a classroom review tool

FlipQuiz gives you the power to turn classroom reviews into a game that you can present in class, share via Twitter or Facebook or embed on your own website...all for free.   

You can create a Jeopardy-like game where you can create up to 6 categories and 5 questions per category.  Here's an example of a review board over World War II:

FlipQuiz Presentation Mode
Each question is worth a different amount of points, from 100 points to 500 points:

Battles Category: 100 point question 
Battle Category: 100 point answer
The website is also mobile friendly in that the website and the boards as well will adjust to your particular screen size.  This allows students to study wherever they are and not required to be in front of their computer.  

With the provided embed code whenever you create a new board, you can place the review on the classroom website or blog.  

There is also a "Pro" option available that gives you more features like creating teams, bigger image and audio uploads, and the ability to turn the game board into flashcards.