Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Notecards - create and share flashcards

What is Easy Notecards?

Easy Notecards is a free online website that allows you to create flashcards and share them with your students or fellow colleagues via link or embed into your website or blog.  

What is great about Easy Notecards is that it allows you other options to utilize the flashcards than just flashcards themselves, you can also create a quiz, matching game, or a bingo game.  

If you need to as well, you can print out the flashcards and have a physical flashcard set.  

From a teacher's standpoint, I could see this working really well with students due to it's different options of sharing and different options of studying.  With the ability of making studying into a game (quiz,matching game, bingo) it allows students ways to break up their study time and look at it from different view points.  

Here's a example of what a embedded note card set looks like (click on the green arrow to go to the next flashcard):

With the option of being able to embed any flashcard set, you could easily put this in your classroom website or blog for students to study at their leisure.

I highly recommend Easy Notecards for your classroom, you can create a free account by going to the website,