Thursday, December 6, 2012

Livebinder it Tool

Livebinders is a excellent way to gather and organize information.  You can create separate binders for whatever topic you may be working on--i.e. education, finance, cooking, etc.  

If you are searching on the web and run across a website or article that you find interesting or useful, Livebinders gives you a very handy tool to simply click and save the URL into one of your livebinders, the Livebinder it tool.  Here's the "livebinder it" extension I use for the Google Chrome browser:

When you click on the extension, it will provide you with the ability to organize the content into a livebinder you've already created or you can choose to create a new one.  You can also choose whether to put it as a new tab or put it as a subtab into a existing tab:

What is also nice is that Livebinders also provides another handy tool, the "livebinder it button" for your website or blog.  If you have anyone who visits your blog or website and you want to give them a way to save a blog post or article you have posted, you can add the "livebinder it" tool to provide them the means to save that content.  Here's a screen shot of it on my blog:

These tools are definitely something that you should utilize to make your life so much easier online.  And, of course, this is free from, just as the website itself is free. Check it out!