Saturday, July 4, 2015

3 Awesome Education & Edtech Online Talk Shows

1.  Every Classroom Matters

Every Classroom Matters is a online show hosted by Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher).  There are multiple episodes on this site where Vicki has interviewed people such as Todd Nelsoney (@techninjatodd) and Peggy George (@pgeorge).  The most recent episode was over Minecraft in the education world with special guest Joel Levin (@minecraftteachr).

2.  Classroom 2.0 Live

Classroom 2.0 Live is what started it all for me when I dove into the Edtech world.  Every Saturday a live show is hosted by Peggy George, Lorie Moffat (@ldmoffat) & Tammy Moore with a different special guest each week.  Each special guest discusses topics such as Evernote, Chromebooks, E-portfolios and Ipads.  You can also check out their Youtube channel here.

3.  Teachercast

Teachercast has a plethora of resources for educators.  Created and hosted by Jeff Bradbury (@teachercast), the site provides multiple podcasts with some of the biggest names in the education and technology world. Podcasts are updated constantly and you can also navigate through the archive to see previous videos as well.  There is also live interviews from ISTE 2015 archived on the site.