Friday, January 17, 2014

Create excellent and easy rubrics with Rubistar

Rubistar, a free tool from, is a great way to make simple and easy to use Rubics to use in your classroom.  

With Rubistar, you can start creating rubrics for several different projects. Whether it be for class debates, creating maps or posters, putting together a brochure or even making a timeline, Rubistar gives you a starting point for multiple areas.  So depending on what type of activity or project you will be doing, you can make it work for your needs.  

For this example, I've chosen to do one for a Timeline.  

Once you have chosen what kind of rubric you would like to create, you can then start customizing it with your name and project title: 

From there, you can start building the rubric by choosing the category:

To make it even easier, you have multiple selections to choose from on the category, such as: preparation, resources, content/facts, etc.  Once you have made your selection, Rubistar will populate four description areas on what makes for a great score and a poor score.  Of course, you can customize the descriptions and headings to what you want.  

Once you are all done, you will be given your finished product:

You will now have the option to print, save or download as a Excel spreadsheet.  Or, if you would like you can also clip the webpage with Evernote.