Friday, January 31, 2014

Livebinders for the Social Studies - Part 2

Livebinders for the Social Studies - Part 2: 5 Excellent Social Studies Livebinders to see

On this second part of the Livebinders for the Social Studies series, I thought we should look at 5 excellent Social Studies Livebinders to get you familiar with how other educators and enthusiasts use Livebinders in the Social Studies field.  

Social Studies Resources Central

This Livebinder from GValdez is full of resources to use.  It has everything from History resources, Economic resources, graphs and virtual field trips.  
Social Studies Resources Central

A House Divided

Andrew Weber has put together a excellent binder, which was voted as one of the top ten Livebinders in 2012.  If you need resources for the Civil War period in American history, this is the Livebinder for you.  It has everything from vocabulary, readings and online tools.  
A House Divided

Ipad Apps for Social Studies

Looking for Social Studies Ipad apps?  Then this Livebinder from Angela Cunningham (@kyteacher) has you covered.  It has app categories from History, Civics and Government and Geography.  
iPad Apps

Black History Month

This is a wonderful Livebinder put together by kb...konnected.  It is full of lesson plans, printables and other resources regarding Black History month.  
Black History Month––Martin Luther King Jr.Day

Lewis & Clark

This is a excellent Livebinder from wisermar covering resources over the Lewis & Clark Expedition.  If has everything you'll need to cover this lesson in class - webquests, maps and clip art images.